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Regent Seven Seas Explorer is now here in the United States (Miami) and will be sailing the Caribbean.  Seven Seas Explorer will feature all suites, all balcony with a capacity of 750 passengers, and will have a culinary arts center.  Explorer is the only ship in the fleet to have the culinary arts kitchen, and will have Gourmet Explorer Tours (excursions) in select ports.

The Culinary Arts Kitchen will provide guests with all the components necessary to broaden your culinary skills in a friendly environment that reminds one of the most prestigious cooking schools in France for both outline and composition.  There will be eighteen individual cooking stations that are fully equipped with state-of-the-art induction cooktops.  These stations are designed atop three long curved rows with white work surfaces and stainless steel sinks to provide a look that elegantly compliments the complex and richly flavored foods guests will prepare during the classes.

Guests attending classes in the Culinary Arts Kitchen will receive highly-personalized instruction, as each guest will prepare dishes from their own personal workstation for authentic, hands-on training.  The culinary arts center features floor-to-ceiling windows.  It is located on deck 11 with breathtaking ocean views that perfectly compliment the epicurean delights being prepared within the center.The Culinary Arts Kitchen will offer more than a dozen unique classes.

EXP Culinary Arts Kitchen

Classes Include:  (Fees apply to classes, and vary by itinerary) – (Cost is $89 per person per class, and classes are 1-1/2 to 2 hours). There are other smaller and shorter classes that are by invitation only, and will span very specific topics.

The new classes for the 2018 season include:

Modern Nordic

The delectable cuisine of Northern Europe is a delight.  Among the traditional recipes presented are the Swedish Smorgastarta and a fish chowder that hails from Estonia.

Everything French

As the cuisine to which all others aspire,  this class is designed around classic French technique.  Learn the difference between French bistro and haute cuisine, as well as explore the various regional cuisines of France.  This class will elevate your kitchen skills at home.  Sample two French wines, and learn the art of pairing French food and wine.

Majestic Mediterranean

Master signature dishes selected from Italy, France, Greece and Turkey and Spain.  Learn why the Mediterranean diet is celebrated as both healthy and abundant in flavor.  Sample unique wines from the Mediterranean and taste for yourself why they are perfect pairings for the food of this majestic cuisine.

The Beautiful Bird

Learn the secrets to perfect chicken every time.  This technique-based class allows you to master the art of grilling, roasting and sautéing.  You will also learn perfect side dishes to elevate the simple bird to a new level of elegant dining.  Enjoy a white and red wine sample and taste how both can pair perfectly with the beautiful bird.


Gone Fishing

As we are all adding fish to our diet, we often make that choice when dining out, but not at home.  This is a master level class on eight techniques for fish cookery, saute, shallow poach, deep poach, pan fry, curing, ceviche, grilling and baking.  Learn the crafts through your hands-on work and lively demonstrations by your chef instructor.  Upon completion of this class, you will be proficient in fish cookery and boast a new confidence in your ability to prepare great fish dishes at home.

Light My Fire

Man has been cooking with fire since the dawn of humankind, but in your modern life we have not exactly perfected it.  This class focuses on the mastery of high heat cooking whether on a grill or stovetop.  Learn the secrets pf perfect grilling and sautéing, and how to improve the flavor and consistency of your favorite meats.  Enhance your ability to cook proteins to your desired temperature, whether rare or well done.

At Home Italian

In Italy, no dish is more symbolic of home cooking than pasta.  In this class, you will learn to make pasta from scratch and surprise yourself at how simple and quick it really is.  Master the fundamentals of great pasts cookery, whether using fresh or dried pasta.  Then, discover the art of pairing the ideal sauce with the proper pasta – all while enjoying a glass of dine Italian wine.  This class also provides insight into how to buy, store and cook with extra virgin olive oil.

Teatime at the Abbey

In this class learn how to assemble both a sweet and savory teatime party complete with bubbly cocktails, as well as how to make an English scone and brew a proper pot of tea.  Take home several new recipes for delicious “finger foods” for your next luncheon, tea or “happy hour” cocktail party.  

Viva Fiesta

If you love Mexican food, but are reluctant to cook it at home, then this class is for you.  Taking inspiration from Spanish tapas, this class provides a robust menu for a tasty Mexican snacking party, including a lesson on how to make the perfect Mexican cocktails.


Gourmet Explorer Tours ($109 per person)

For the Caribbean season, these tours will allow you to explore the destinations through its epicurean offerings.  These tours are accompanied by a chef instructor from the Culinary Arts Kitchen along with a local guide, often a chef, with intimate knowledge of the region’s wine and cuisine, to add an extra layer of authenticity to this immersive culinary experience.  New tours for the Caribbean season include:




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