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Oceania Cruises on Oceania Riviera and Oceania Marina are designed with sophistication and temporary flair creating a casually elegant ambiance.  Both have the Lalique Grand Staircase to the stunning Owner’s Suites furnished in Ralph Lauren Home.  Designer influences are everywhere, highlighting the finest residential design and furnishings.  Both ships were designed for epicureans and travel connoisseurs. Marina and Riviera  offer guests multiple dining venues, of which six are open-seating gourmet restaurants with no surcharge.   All of Oceania’s ships are mid-size, making it easier to get into small intimate settings.

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La Reserve by Wine Spectator offers enlightening seminars, tastings and gourmet food pairings.

The Culinary Center offers hands-on cooking classes by master chefs, and has a range of cooking classes.  These classes offer a range of enriching cooking by master chefs.  For those food enthusiasts seeking enlightenment beyond that found in a library or lecture, Riviera and Marina both offer custom designed hands-on cooking classes at Sea.  Master Chefs from around the world offer guidance and inspiration to help fine-tune your techniques, but you will actually prepare the dishes yourself.  It is the ultimate way to learn and absolutely absorb every step of each recipe, especially since at select ports you may accompany the instructor chefs while shopping for fresh ingredients ashore at local markets on the Culinary Discovery Tours.

Most of the classes are held for the specific regions you will be visiting, and the following is a sample of some of the classes for 2017:

Amore – Love of Lemons

Being one of the favorite ingredients of most chefs, lemons bring zest and flavor to whatever dish they adorn.  Celebrate the diversity and splendor of the lemon on the Amalfi Coast of Italy and its use throughout the Mediterranean.  Master the art of the famed northern Italian risotto, prepare a delicious Roman-inspired lemon chicken scallopini and make limoncello from scratch.  Also, enjoy one of their most-requested desserts – the drunken limoncello cake. 


Based on the travels of Executive Chef Kelly in Morocco and Turkey, this class explores the trending culinary traditions and recipes of two ancient and revered cuisines.  Learn the basics of tagine cookery and gain an appreciation for how the foods of these two great countries have influenced modern world gastronomy.  Learn how to make nut milks and preserved lemons – prized in the Arabesque region and around the world.  These cuisines are a favorite amongst the chefs, and the recipes are beyond delicious.

Tapas Party

The tapas lifestyle has been gaining in popularity outside of Spain with small plates of delightful and delicious food being shared with friends over great wine and conversation.  After taking this class you will be perfectly able to host a tapas party, complete with an authentic recipe for sangria.  Tapas differentiate themselves across Spain, and you will learn the gastronomical innovation of San Sebastion to the rustic street food of Barcelona to the beach-inspired treats of Costa del Sol, by rolling up your sleeves and making them yourself.


Cuban Family Table

Explore Cuba through age-old family treasured recipes from the kitchens of home cooks who have passed their secrets down over the generations.  Learn how to make mouthwatering pastries, opulent stews,  juicy meats, savory rices, velvety beans and an assortment of desserts.  Also, learn the secrets of making the perfect mojito, and the daiquri.  Travel back in time to Old Havana!


Pizza Master Class

Learn the essentials of regional pizza doughs, how to grill a pizza in your backyard and the secrets to authentic pizza sauce.  Gain the confidence you need to host a delicious and authentic pizza party at home.

This is just a sample of the classes being taught on board Oceania Riviera and Marina.

Culinary Bootcamp at Sea:  Offered only on select sailings, this two-day class invites you to completely immerse yourself in the culinary arts.  Three-hour sessions, offered morning and afternoon, focus on knife skills; preparing protein, vegetables, sauces, dressings and plating.  The class ends with a mystery-ingredient challenge, where the techniques of the two-day bootcamp come to fruition.  Oceania Cruises’ senior executive chefs lightheartedly judge the final results and award keepsake certificates.

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